Supreme Commander Rolando des Gard of the gJenys-S Firstbornh Planetary Defence Forces
written by Daniel
Rolando des Gard was raised by the Schola Progenium after both of his Imperial Guard officer parents disappeared in a warp travel accident.

Rolando completed training to become an Imperial Storm Trooper, but did not excel in that field.
His tenacity and devout faith in the Emperor instead lead him into a life of service with the Ecclesiarchy as a priest.
With his unshakable faith and his military background, Rolando des Gard quickly made a name for himself among the Planetary Defence Forces on Jenys-S II; being attached to different platoons, command units, and eventually to the Supreme Commander`s command squad.

Rolando was the lone survivor of a surprise attack on the former Supreme Commander`s command squad.
Unknown to all others was that this ambush was conducted by the Alpha Legion.
All of his comrades were mercilessly cut down, despite Rolando`s prayers to the Emperor.

During the short conflict, Rolando noticed that his attackers shouted gFor the Emperorh as a battle cry, apparently sharing his fervour of faith.

He decided to side with these new allies and offered to use his eviscerator and zealous rage for their cause.
Rolando was then surprisingly appointed as the Supreme Commander of the Jenys-S Firstborn by the planetary governor.

Now he wages war in the guise of a PDF commander while secretly pledging his loyalty to the Alpha Legion.
Though he despises his rival Imperial Guard commander, Lord Commissar Krauser, he has been ordered not to confront him on the battlefield.

But all other armies must beware of Supreme Commander Rolando leading his troops from the front lines and swinging his deadly eviscerator.